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Winter Home Selling

Winter Selling Basics

-         Keep your house warm. The colder weather outside during the winter months can actually come as a benefit to sellers because buyers will feel comfortable as they walk into your warm, inviting home. If you have a fireplace it is a good idea to turn it on as well.

-         Make sure it’s easy to reach your house! If the front entrance is covered in ice or snow, not only will buyers have a hard time getting into your home, it will also become less appealing when they envision having to clean the driveway every morning.

-         Set up timers. Having the lights on will make the house appear warm and welcoming from the street to potential buyers driving by (this includes exterior lights).

-         Make sure to have your open houses earlier in the afternoon, possibly 12:00-3:00pm, when it’s still light out.

-         An additional benefit that the winter season brings is a larger view from your home. When the leaves have fallen off the trees, it opens up the outlook and may create an even better view than you have in the summer.

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